Motorized Blinds and Shades Make Homes Convenient

Motorized Blinds and Shades Make Homes Convenient in Andover, Minnesota (MN) like Sonnettes with PowerView Motorization

Convenience is key in creating and maintaining your dream home. You want to curate a space where you feel comfortable and love being in the space that you created. You don’t want to dread maintaining the beauty and functionality of your home. Hunter Douglas’ motorized blinds and shades can take your stresses away with their ability to put you in complete control of your window treatments. If you want to add convenience to your home in Andover, Minnesota, then don’t wait any longer to get the PowerView® Motorization System. Contact Today’s Window Fashions today to see how motorized blinds and shades make homes convenient.

PowerView® Motorization

The PowerView® Motorization System brings all of your window treatment dreams to a reality. You will no longer have to get up and adjust your television to prevent a glare or move somewhere else in your home to finish work on your laptop because of the reflection. You can sleep in peacefully knowing that the sun won’t peek through and still maintain your privacy. The PowerView® Motorization System is a prime example of how Hunter Douglas strives to continually create innovative products that meet the needs of the consumer.

Additionally, the PowerView® System won the 2018 Red Dot Design Award which is renowned in the wide world of design. You can program how you want your window treatments to be positioned at the push of a button and even create scenes that you can put into motion at any time. The positioning of your window treatments may depend on your mood, time of day, if you are hosting an event, and even ambiance.

Easy Operation

PowerView® Motorization also offers different methods for easy operation. Using the Pebble Control, you can have your window treatments move to six different scenes at the push of a button. The Pebble® Control is sleek and fits nicely into your hand. The design of the Pebble® Control is meant to stand out against ordinary remotes and comes in ten different colors.

However, if you are looking for the ultimate amount of control and customization options for your motorized blinds and shades, then you can create personalized settings, scenes, and even moods through the PowerView® app that is available on most smart devices. You can even sync your window treatments to coordinate with the sunrise and sunset of your location. By working with natural lighting, you will save money on your electric bills. Similarly, you can set your window treatments to move even when you aren’t in your home, which still gives the appearance of you being home and could help ward off possible intruders, increasing your home’s safety.

You can extend the settings of your window treatments to other rooms in your home using the PowerView® Repeater and control all of your systems using the PowerView® Hub. The Hub connects to your WiFi network and works as the central system to all of your operations.

Who wouldn’t want added convenience in their home? Motorized blinds and shades can enhance the natural beauty of your Andover, Minnesota home and make life a little easier for you. For more information on how motorized blinds and shades make homes convenient, come see us at Today’s Window Fashions. We are located in Andover, MN and serve the surrounding area, including Blaine, Plymouth, Lake Elmo, and the greater Twin Cities area.