Why Custom Wood Blinds Are Right for Homes?

Why Custom Wood Blinds Are Right for Homes & Living Rooms in Andover, Minnesota (MN)

In this article, Today’s Window Fashions – conveniently located in Andover, Minnesota (MN) – is here to tell you why custom wood blinds are right for homes. We proudly offer Hunter Douglas window treatments, including Parkland® Wood Blinds.

If you are in search of high-quality blinds that effectively add comfort to your home, offer privacy, and are pleasant to look at, you should be looking into custom wood blinds from Hunter Douglas. Wood blinds offer a high level of light control to your home while adding a new decorative element with the beautiful aesthetic of the textured natural material. We also offer Hunter Douglas blinds that are made with modern materials that mimic the look of natural wood while offering increased durability. There are many customizable options to explore with Hunter Douglas blinds that can make them the perfect window treatment option for your home.

The Parkland® Wood Blinds from Hunter Douglas are made using expertly crafted natural wood slats that can be easily adjusted to different degrees to let in varying amounts of light, closed all the way for room darkening, or opened completely to allow in the full, unobstructed view. The natural wood on these blinds has beautiful textures that you can stain to your preference. You can also choose from a variety of paint colors to match the look of any room.

These custom wood blinds are available in three slat sizes, allowing you to have blinds that look just right for your home. For a great added touch to your custom wood blinds, check out Parkland® wood cornices; these are available for multiple other types of window treatments as well. Parkland® Wood Blinds are also available with the cleverly designed de-Light feature that covers up cord holes for additional light control.

Having traditional styling for window treatments doesn’t mean you have to use traditional materials. The EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds make use of modern materials to create classic-looking blinds that won’t warp, crack, or break due to exposure to heat or humidity. This collection of custom blinds features a TruGrain finish that offers the look of natural hardwood in multiple shades and colors. You can also opt for solid paint colors that offer a smooth, sleek look to the blinds. This option gives you control over the light in your home that you can be confident will last.

Both Parkland® Wood Blinds and EverWood® Alternative Wood blinds are available in operating systems that make adjusting your blinds simple and easy, even for larger or hard to reach windows. The LiteRise® operating system ditches the cords and allows you to push up on the blinds lift them and pull down to lower them. The PowerView® Motorization system offers ultimate convenience and safety by allowing you to control your Hunter Douglas blinds remotely by using the PowerView® app on your smartphone or tablet.

Hunter Douglas blinds can fit into a variety of differently shaped window. Available custom shapes include arches, angles, hexagons and octagons, circles and ovals, bay and corner windows, French doors, and cut-outs.

At Today’s Window Fashions, we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of the high-quality window treatments made by Hunter Douglas. We are conveniently located in Andover, MN and serve the surrounding area, including Blaine, Plymouth, Lake Elmo, and the greater Twin Cities area. Stop by our showroom to see how our staff can help you find custom wood blinds that add just what you are looking for to your home.